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Soil Test Results from 2023

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There were 4 samples submitted from around the area of the park where our plantings are.


Cat's summary

  • Very low on most nutrients across the board
  • We do not have any heavy metal contamination although Iron is a little high in two of the samples.
  • Our pH is good for berries , ranging from 5 - 5.6 in 3 samples, and 6.3 in the 'NE edge near the treeline' side of the plums.
  • Our organic matter, unsurprisingly, is very low, ranging from 2 - 3%



You can review the soil tests here


S23-02968_Clifford Park Food Forest.pdf


S23-02969_Clifford Park Food Forest.pdf


S23-02970_Clifford Park Food Forest.pdf


S23-02971_Clifford Park Food Forest.pdf



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