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Lead Teams

Page history last edited by Ruth 12 months ago

Spring 2023


Everyone is always welcome at all the work parties, but we would like to spread the creativity, planning, and organizing among more people, so we have decided to form 5 teams that we hope will help this happen.


Team Process

Teams are the LEAD on making sure that the tasks for each team are started, maintained and/or completed in time


Teams are not autonomous. We are all accountable to each other and work in collective cooperation.


Teams should email the entire CPFF & AG listserv when actions or decisions are made by the team.


Teams are not expected to do all the work. They should call on the whole group for help, advice and participation in work days at the park or to complete other tasks when needed.



Water Team 

    • Laura Simon, Kye, Katie Williams and Skye, Andrew Deaett

      • maintaining: pump and hose, gutters, buckets and other water carrying tools (keep an eye on and report to Infrastructure team)
      • maintaining weekly watering schedule and needs

Growing Team 

    • Earl, Cat, Ruth, Karen, Maya, Claudia

      • building soil
      • planning garden design
      • organizing planting & timing of crops
      • research to support the above and to try new things


Outreach Team 

    • Maya, Kye, John Reid

      • connecting new people to the park

      • advertising events

      • creating educational opportunities

Infrastructure Team 

    • Dylan, Matt

      • fencing, water collection system, signs, storage...

Fundraising Team 

    • Matt, Laura, Carolyn

      • research, write and report on grants






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