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Abenaki Garden

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September 16

Cover crop planted on August 19 looks good. A few bare spots need reseeding.You can see a bit of the earlier planting (mixed green manure) still growing amidst the oats and peas.




Morning Work Party

August 19, 2022 


First we cut the lush mixed green manure crop with a weed whacker and a scythe, then tilled it under. We then seeded the area with oats and field peas for a winter cover crop after applying a bit of organic fertilizer. These will grow until winter when they will then die back, leaving a layer of mulch in the spring. We also cut and gathered the fleabane that is growing everywhere and piled it up to begin decomposing. Now we just need some rain.  (Update - A pretty good rain came on Friday, August 26!)




Morning Work Party

July 19, 2022 


Mulch Plot - Mowed the long grass that's growing way more thickly than I thought. We decided to just leave that since there is so much already established! Why dig it up? We just want mulch! Gotta keep on top of what's real ;-)


The new plan is to keep that area mowed this summer, and then with the fall rains (assuming we have some), fertilize and interseed with clover and maybe alfalfa and some conservation mix. We can also do the interseeding in very early spring if the fall is dry. The idea being to improve what's there rather than try to replace it. Way better, given what's there and what we're after. Thoughts?


Garden Plot - We mowed and tilled the areas that had been missed and seeded them with buckwheat. There are some things growing from the last seeding and more just sprouting now. This last rain will bring more along, too, I imagine. Let's hope that the next rain will happen soon and be just what we need. The one corner is under plastic again after being mowed. So we'll see what grows over the next several weeks. In latish August, we will borrow a big tiller (I'm contacting Duncan) and till it all under, whatever has grown by then. Then wait a bit and plant oats and peas for winter cover.


Space in Between - Cut the Horse-Weed or Canada Fleabane growing between the two plots and started a very unscientific compost pile at one edge of that space, basically a pile of cut Fleabane and weeds from before. More of that could be cut and gathered, but we ran out of time this morning and the heat was coming on.


Nice Plants that We Left on the Edges:  Mullein, Sweetclover, Saint John's Wort





Tilling and Seeding a Cover Crop

July 6, 2022


Cat's Report - We finished seeding the Abenaki garden after a mild till in most places.  We used the broad fork in some places. We raked up as much of the dead material as we could and then replaced it back on as mulch on top of the buried seed. Now it's time to do a rain dance!


The bag of mixed cover crop covered 2/3 of the garden and about 1/3 was covered with oats, peas, and buckwheat.


We didn't have time to manage the perennial mulch garden, but we did cover that whole area in black plastic so that next time we can direct seed into the flattened dead grass.


The process wasn't perfect but neither are we!







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