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November 10, 2021 Meeting Notes

Page history last edited by Ruth 2 years, 6 months ago


November 10, 2021

5:00 - 6:00

First community meeting without contract


Present via Zoom: Matt, Ruth, Kye, Cat, Marsha, Jesse, Laura, Becky, Earl



  1. Expand group. List of people interested. Invite to join the google group.

  • ACTION Matt can send out to the big list

    • If interested in CPFF, contact Ruth F to be added to the group


  1. Fence the trees (strategically)

  • Matt can purchase 1 rolls of fencing ($68/roll 50x5ft)

  • Kye can provide the fiberglass poles

  • Plantra tree tubes (nestled in) [Jesse donates enough for 4 trees]

    •  This replaces fencing but will need a colorful tag to indicate to snowmobilers

    • Jesse will drop off at UVFC for Kye

  • Vole protection? 

    • Plant skid: soluble blood meal

    • Hardware cloth

    • Jesse has a recommendation for wrappable protection

    • White latex paint, to protect against sun scald

  • ACTION: Cat doodle poll for early December

  • ACTION: Note to the snowmobile club to beware of trees


  1. Leadership role. Switch up quarterly or monthly?

  • Define: Keeping the group going; meeting tasks; planning forward; 

  • Next meeting: Ruth organizes

    • ACTION: Cat will send doodle for 2nd week of January


  1. Design plan and timeline - Led by Karen, when she returns

    1. Current draft map on website: http://foodforestcliffordpark.pbworks.com/w/page/145301208/Clifford%20Park%20Food%20Forest%20Home


  1. Flood plain manager: Cat and Matt would like to meet on site with the floodplain manager/

    1. Matt O leads with the town


Items for Next agenda

Winter activities:

  • Irrigation system

  • Funding. Grant writing.

    • Cat recommends writing a short letter to D Byrne to include the news article, the website and photos of planting. Develop 5K budget

Replanting chestnuts (Jesse)

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